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More than 3.5 billion search queries are processed by Google - every day. 500 million of these are questions that no human has ever typed into the search slot before. Big numbers with an even bigger effect. They mean that if your content isn't found on the website, the searcher will end up on the competitor's websites. And that would be a shame.

Owning a website is not online marketing. Neither does showing ads on an existing page. Rather, online marketing is the holistic approach to your sales in the digital world. And that permanently.

With us, offline and online strategies intertwine, the website, if we develop it from scratch, is designed and developed according to online marketing criteria, content is created in such a way that you can be found and permanently optimized. Ads are switched to meaningful terms and the visitor is guided to the right page, which has been created appropriately for the purpose. All with one goal: to make your company better known and to increase your sales.

If you're ready to become more visible online and work with us for 6 to 12 months, give us a call.

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SEO Services | optimize the website

Online marketing is to your website what fuel is to your car. Only cars that are regularly filled up reach their destination.

SEO consulting is like cars. You can own the most expensive car, but without gas it won't get you one step closer to your goal. This also applies to websites. A website, like a car, needs regular maintenance to maintain its value and regular fueling to take you and your business to the next destination. But what makes sense?

For existing pages, we start with an analysis. This is how we find weaknesses and potential. We do the same for the competition. In this way we can classify your website in the best possible way. At the same time, we look at your company and get to know it. Because only those who are aware of the current status and have internalized it can optimize.

Together we develop goals and a roadmap for the next 6 to 12 months. Search engine optimization is a broad field. We go from the purely technical and professional optimization to the conceptual and content optimization of the site. This means that we will make you an expert in your field – provided that you want that.

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Online marketing: Good to know

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    Online marketing: improve ranking, achieve success

    Of course, we also offer SEO advice in Miami and the surrounding area. The greatest website is worthless if no one visits it. Therefore, you can not only have a website created by us, but also have it optimized for search engines. From text to link structure, our SEO service includes everything that drives up your ranking on Google and Co.


    SEA & SEO Service |SEO Consulting Miami | search engine optimization

    Get started in search results

    As part of our SEO consulting in Miami, we will be happy to show you what you can still improve on your website and create an analysis of what works and what doesn't. Of course, as an SEO service, we also implement all of our advice – with the help of content and technical know-how. You can rely on our IT knowledge and let us write SEO texts.


    SEO Agentur Miami | Online Marketing mit SEA und SEO Service

    Holistic online marketing from Sgrul

    Of course, online marketing is not just about our SEO service, but a comprehensive strategy that includes everything from Google Ads to URL naming that is relevant to your online success. Together, your company and our SEO consultancy Miami can create a plan for your digital marketing and implement it step by step with care and expertise.

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