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Rainer Spickermann
Rainer Spickermann
2. Februar, 2022.
Surprised! Different! Very happy with the advice! Thanks very much!
Christian Bellebaum
Christian Bellebaum
30. November, 2021.
Although I was a "difficult patient" because I get stressed with everything digital, Mr. Farkas always kept calm. You built me a beautiful HP! Thank you for your patience and professional work. Continue to be good neighbors.
Patrick Langer
Patrick Langer
20. Oktober, 2021.
We have been working with SGRUL and Ede Farkas for more than ten years and we are still enthusiastic and convinced of his new ideas and the perfect execution. Since we stand out from the crowd thanks to SGRUL with our website, our advertising material and our car designs, we can constantly push our company forward and win new customers. We are already looking forward to new projects.
Florian Mielke
Florian Mielke
18. Oktober, 2021.
Very pleasant to deal with, competent management and employees. Many good ideas and speed of implementation, so far everything has been great!
Henning Weichert
Henning Weichert
27. September, 2021.
We have redesigned our flyers with Mr. Farkas and his team. From start to finish the communication with the whole team was excellent and the result speaks for itself. Thank you and gladly again!
Dr. Thebesi
Dr. Thebesi
23. August, 2021.
Mr. Farkas and his team take the concept of marketing to a whole new level! Through an individual and balanced approach tailored to the company (doctor's practice to guitar shop), we received very good advice and still use the support for the homepage and print marketing.
E. Hundt
E. Hundt
19. August, 2021.
Very good entry and fast processing!
Herbert Beier
Herbert Beier
16. August, 2021.
An extremely comprehensive and precisely created "textbook" for design in the print sector. Excellent!
Peter-Uwe Sperber
Peter-Uwe Sperber
4. August, 2021.
great company! absolutely recommendable!! Top 10 Marketing Agencies 2022

With 9.35 out of 10 points, Sgrul is one of the top players in the online marketing league in Miami

For your trust: This is what our customers say about their success with Sgrul

We are proud and happy about such great customer feedback. But we think it's even better that the marketing budget invested has definitely paid for itself.

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Customer success in numbers

Sascha Weinrich

Our vision

With creativity in our hearts, business administration in our brains and sales in our genes, we make you uniquely successful. Analogue and digital. And that too in horny. Promised.

The cornerstones for your success

Sgrul corporate services

TheSgrul corporate servicesrevolve around the entire area ofcorporate communication to the outside, i.e. the interaction with your customers. With our services, we lay an important foundation for a successful company that is perceived and, above all, taken seriously - and earns more money.

You can always have a chat, just give us a call if you want to make more sales.

+1 786-840-0241

In any case, a phone call with us will bring you one realization: Either you realize that you have the right partner with your current agency, or you find out that Sgrul can suit you. Let's find out.

Your advertising agency in Miami and the Florida area

There are many advertising agencies in Miami - but none like us. If you work with us, we are your partner, your companion and supporter. We are only successful if we make them successful - whether as a B2B advertising agency in Miami, a design agency for companies in Chicago or as a digital agency for companies in San Diego. Marketing is important to us, as are the customers whose challenges we take on.

B2B advertising agency Miami | Web Agency | digital agency

We have the know-how to become your advertising agency in Miami

As a B2B web agency, we can do everything that has to do with the Internet: let us create a professional website or a social media campaign, build a configurator or develop online ads. As a marketing agency, we develop a wide range of concepts and implement them - enthusiastic about print, creatively versed, photographically talented and obsessed with texts. Whether SEO projects or industrial photography, whether image brochures are created or a homepage - as long as it can be called marketing, we are your advertising agency in Miami and the Florida area. We feel like it. How about you?

B2B advertising agency Miami | communication agency

The B2B advertising agency in Miami with personality and ambition

Sgrul is not just any advertising agency from Miami. We are cheeky, passionate and don't do things by halves. And you benefit from it! We give our all for our customers and always try to make every project that is on the jointly developed marketing wish list possible. During implementation, we stand by you with know-how and many years of experience, ambitious and loyal - because we are your advertising agency from Miami.

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