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Wenn deine social media channels give you headaches and simply don't want to present the content ideas to you, we at vyn have a convenient solution for you: ours Inspirations-Generator whispers fresh ideas for you every day – until yours Instagram profile regularly new likesand your Facebook page sees countless fans.

Here's how it works: Simply enter the name of your company, your brand or your own and copy your new post - or use it as inspiration for your own.

Why social media at all - Aren't Instagram and Co. overrated?

frau durchstöbert soziale Medien auf der Suche nach Ideen

Planning social media activities and spending too much time on this topic still seems like a waste of resources to many entrepreneurs today. No wonder: Marketing success is not as easy to measure as many other advertising tricks. Putting a little work into social media is one thing these days, thoughessential condition for success in many an industry. From Facebook to TikTok - the platforms determine our lives and if you want to market something, you better take care of ita strong social media presence.

The advantages of planning your social media presence are obvious:

Mann schaut auf sein Smartphone herunter und postet auf sozialen Medien
  • increased notoriety your brand
  • More attention to yours products and offers
  • Possibility of a solid community and therefore a solid customer base build up
  • networkswith other companies
  • New digital possibilities - from surveys in stories to integrated shops on Instagram
  • More accessible and easier customer service
  • Higher availability of certain Target groups

Do I really need to plan my social media posts in advance?

Instagram Content wird im Büro geplant und Ideen gesammelt

If you the best content ideas for Instagram and Co. You don't have to come spontaneously, of course. However, it is always advisable, because important details can be determined from the beginning and can be carefully prepared. Not only the posts themselves should be planned - but everything from language use to recurring anchor points recognition valueto the theme, the design that runs through all your posts. All of this can only be met if it is designed in advance. You end up creating one with it significantly more professional online presence.

Further advantages if you plan your social media presence in detail:

Selfie mit Grimassen: Auch spontane Instagram Content Ideen finden Ihren Platz im Plan
  • There are no time gaps that the power of the algorithm influence
  • you use yours time more efficient
  • You can sort photos and themes better and coordinate
  • You can Coordinate offers and posts

Social Media Tip: If you often unmediated content ideas for your Instagram Profile then just leave some Puffer in the calendar. This way, spontaneous inspiration doesn't go down the drain, but your performance is still properly planned. Alternatively, you can pack spontaneous ideas exclusively into stories.

Where can I get content ideas for my Instagram or Facebook profile?

EIn Mann fragt sich, woher er Ideen für seinen Social Media Content nehmen soll

Content ideas for Instagram and Co. are often collected more easily than it appears at first glance.Inspiration can be found from one's own life, the content of the competition or one's own industry. Depending on whether you want your account to be more personal or whether you draw clear boundaries along your business, you can test different approaches:

  • Other Websites
  • Blogs
  • Own experience
  • customer reports
  • Tools wie Google Suggest, Answer The Public
  • or our vyn social media planner 😉

The social media planner from Sgrul - constant content ideas for Instagram and Co.

Influencerin freut sich über die guten Social Media Vorlagen

Wenn at you at Planning your social media presence there is only emptiness in the head and no more sparks of creativity, we offer you with our Content Ideas a few new impulses for networks like Instagram or Facebook. You can easily adopt the template for all text and image-based platforms.

Social media tip: If you are at a loss as to what to post on TikTok or YouTube, our suggestions can at least serve as a little muse.

Content ideas for Instagram or Facebook profile - Here's how:

Erfolg einer Influencerin dank kreativer Instagram Content Ideen

With our social media tool, inspiration won't let you down - you can develop entire postings or collect new ideas in a matter of seconds. So nothing can stop you from skilfully planning your social media presence – I wish you success!

The Social Media Basics – This is how you start your journey through the online world

Social Media Apps auf einem Handy - So lernst du die Welt von Instagram und Co. kennen

If you have not gained much experience on Instagram and Co., we will take a step back - behind the content ideas, to the basic manners on the Internet: How to use social media as a company, how to plan posts in advance and how to structure them attractively designed.

Instagram and Co. for brand growth - content ideas for your community

Eine Dame konzentriert sich auf ihr Smartphone, um ihren Social Media Auftritt zu planen

Carefully planning your online presence is becoming more and more essential: social media is now one of the most important strategies when it comes to brand building. You want to represent something, radiate something, carry a certain message into the world? Then create an Instagram account. With the right strategy, you can reach exactly the core of your target group - and win them over:

The customer as a brand ambassador – plan social media around the follower

Eine Kundin fotografiert sich und dient so als Markenbotschafterin für den Social Media Auftritt

The more users you win for yourself, the more successful your brand will be: because not only you, but also your community can advertise for you: by talking about your company online, showing your products and identifying with the brand in posts . What can you do to initiate such interactions? some:

  • Introduce a community hashtag and ask your followers to use it
  • Offer sweepstakes – but professionally, please
  • Publish interactive posts and stories: ask for opinions, complete sentences, insert evaluation elements
  • Introduce challenges that are rewarded with re-posts or similar

Stronger customer loyalty - Social media as social glue

Zwei Freunde betrachten den Social Media Content einer Marke und ihre Ideen für Instagram

Those who represent values ​​online, share ideas and present exactly the content that suits the target group on Instagram and Co. appear likeable. And if you are likeable, customers want to stay with you. A pinch of personality, a little creativity - and you hold the key to existing customers in your hand... Apart from satisfactory products, of course.

Instagram Content Beyond the Idea – How to Build a Post

Zwei Mädchen posen als Instagram und Facebook - die richtigen Content Ideen sehen für jede Plattform anders aus

From the dear followers to #red - those who are not familiar with Instagram and Co. often sprinkle the most adventurous ideas into their own content. Nobody looks for a color on Facebook, and greeting your fans formally—or at all—isn't really necessary unless that's your anchor point (the recognizable trait found in most of your posts).

There are always exceptions and rule breaks. But you can't go wrong if

  • Your text is short – maybe 2-5 sentences
  • Your image is of high quality and features at least one person
  • You use emojis sparingly
  • You integrate your location and other additional information (e.g. feelings).
  • You know which hashtags to use

Social media tip: If you have no experience with social media, it is advisable to first create a personal profile and explore the online world. You don't have to use your real name for this - anonymous profiles are sufficient. In this way you familiarize yourself with the customs there and if you do make a small mistake, it doesn't fall back on your company.

Distributing Instagram content – ​​How to find hashtags

Social Media Plan im Detail

Maybe you're tempted to just list everything you see in the hashtags. This is not very effective: Think of hashtags as drawers in which you put the post. If you don't title the post with the words people are looking for, they'll never open the drawer. But if you give your content idea the right name, those who want to see it will also find it on Instagram. Don't ask yourself what's in the picture, ask yourself, "What are my prospects looking for?" Instead of tagging colors and items, consider mentioning:

  • The ground (#YvesSaintLaurent)
  • Communities (#catsofinstagram)
  • activities and hobbies (#archery)
  • identities (#successfulperson)
  • Overarching Topics (#marketingdigital)

You can easily find these hashtags through Google searches, but most importantly by looking at posts that are thematically related to your content ideas, checking the ones used there, and fighting your way through the hashtag jungle from there. On Facebook and Instagram, you can see how many posts have been added to or followed by a given day. The best hashtags have between 1000 and 100,000 users. This way, your post doesn't get lost among more successful ones, but it can attract enough interested parties.

Social media tip: You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram and ideally hide them in the comments. In other networks, however, other things are common:

  • TikTok: 5-6 Hashtags
  • Facebook: 0-4 Hashtags
  • LinkedIn: 2-4 Hashtags
  • Twitter: 0-3 Hashtags
  • Tumblr: Unlimited

Target social media planning – What the insights tell you about your ideas

Eine Hand tippt auf dem Smartphone herum. Vieleicht erkundet sie die Social Media Insights zum Planen

If you want to make Instagram and Co. as predictable as possible and achieve the highest possible profits, you can use the insights to make your success measurable. They reveal all sorts of things about your posts, your followers and the efficiency of your strategy:

  • How many times your content has been viewed
  • How these so-called impressions were achieved
  • Who your target audience is
  • Wann sie online ist
  • What has improved or worsened

For example, if you want to gain more exposure, impressions and likes can tell you how well you are doing. If you want to build a community, the number of comments will help you. Focus on the values ​​that are meaningful to your goals.

Not just ideas for the content – ​​make your Instagram profile attractive

Für guten Instagram Content sind nicht nur die Ideen für Posts, sondern auch für das Profil selbst wichtig

Bio, profile picture, theme – content ideas alone are no longer enough for Instagram. Instead, you need to plan every aspect of your social media presence. Therefore, also pay attention to the following with an account:

  • Profile picture: Your profile picture should be recognizable even in small form, reflect you and your brand and be inviting.
  • Bio/Brief Description: The bio is the part of your profile where you can write something about yourself. Here you should capture everything that makes you special in a maximum of 2 sentences, but ideally in bullet points - in the right tone, with the right words.
  • Theme: Especially on Instagram and TikTok you should make sure that your posts harmonize visually. Regularity and recurring designs ensure order in the profile and attractiveness of the feed. For example, you can always use similar colors or put the same frame over your pictures.

Instagram content ideas for emergencies – if you don’t know what to do…

Im Team kommen schon einmal die besten Ideen für Instagram Content auf

Creativity doesn't flow, no ideas sprout - you just have a dry mind? But you still want to see a personal touch in your posts. Then the following content ideas for Instagram and Co. could help you:

  • CContent Curation: Share the posts of other accounts - this way the algorithm stays true to you and you spread valuable content.
  • Your offer: Regardless of whether you offer services or products, it is never off-brand to show your offer: precise explanations, tips and tricks, pictures and videos of the product or you in action.
  • FAQ: What questions do you keep hearing from customers? Answer online.

With or without a template: How do I plan a social media strategy?

SMART Ziele erleichtern das Planen des Social Media Auftritts erheblich

To explain this, it is worth first considering what a social media strategy actually is. The aim is to achieve goals with your own online presence that will take you further. The strategy determines how this happens.

Accordingly, you should start setting yourself goals: What do you want to achieve with the help of your social media channels? The so-called SMART goals are perfect for this: They should

  • Specific: Defined and delimited so that it is clear exactly what is at stake and what you intend to do
  • Measurable:At the end of the day, you have to be able to determine, as quantifiably as possible, whether you were successful
  • Attractive: The goal must be meaningful to your business and move you forward
  • Realistisch: You have to be able to reach your goal, so it shouldn't be set too low or too high.
  • Terminated: you need a deadline By this point you should have achieved your goal.

be. Once you have developed two to three SMART goals, you can start planning your social media strategy: ask yourself how you want to achieve these goals. For example, if you aim (roughly) to expand your customer base, setting up an Instagram shop or regular posts about the benefits of your product makes sense. If you want to retain your existing customers, interactive posts and commenting on your fans' posts are a good option.


I want to increase my awareness by increasing my impressions by 50% within the next three months.


  • Like two posts per day and comment on two posts to win the algorithm for me
  • A new post every other day
  • Two interactive posts per week
  • Post stories every day that lead through my everyday life

Wie erstelle ich einen Social Media Plan?

Im Team werden die Komponenten für einen wasserdichten Social Media Plan gefunden

Once the strategy is in place, you might already know what kind of posts you want to create. If not, it makes sense to make a list of ideas and maybe break them down into categories, because the more order you put into it, the more balanced your plan will seem. For example, you could work on a weekly basis and post a poll every Monday, introduce your product better every Wednesday, and share an infographic on a topic related to your field every Saturday.

You can note all of this in a plan: in a calendar, an Excel spreadsheet or on a bulletin board, for example. You can reserve possible columns for:

  • Subject/Category
  • time
  • Text
  • Bild
  • Hashtags
  • mentions
Instagram Content Ideen kommen viel leichter auf, wenn man den Social Media Auftritt auf einen Blick plant

What tools can I use to schedule my social media posts?

At a time when social media is an essential component of marketing, there are of course tools that can be used to handle it more efficiently. Among other things, they are suitable for scattering your content ideas in a bundle on Instagram, Facebook and Co. instead of publishing them individually with each account.

Social media tip: Perfectly planned social media marketing differentiates between the platforms' practices and therefore designs the posts for Instagram differently than for Facebook or TikTok.

In order to have one platform for all platforms, the offers from are suitable:

Social Media for Businesses - No plan when planning?

If you still can't quite imagine what your posts should look like, or you simply lack the content ideas to conquer Instagram - then you've come to the right place. You can take our social media templates and templates as an example or adopt them straight away. All you have to do is indicate the day you want to post and type in your brand name -Have fun!