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Creator of your brand, signpost of your philosophy

What exactly does a web design agency / corporate design agency do and why do I need something like that? Quite simply: to professionalize your brand image, to build trust in your customers and to bind them positively in the long term.

The corporate design is part of your corporate identity - a welcome sign and a promise at the same time. Imagine you want to mingle with the guests at a party where you only know the host. You would certainly go to the group of people who seem most sympathetic to you. As a corporate design agency, we develop a coherent corporate design concept with everything that goes with it: logo, typography, color design, imagery and design language, icons and well-rounded business stationery so that you as a company appear inviting and stand out from your competitors. So new and foreign guests like to come to you.

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Logo Design

The smallest visual summary of your business

A really good logo design has two purposes: it reflects the essence of your business and speaks to your target audience. In order to come up with such a logo design, the first two steps are therefore very clear: you think (alone or with professional support) what the core of your company is and which people you want to address/attract.

Easier said than done. And surely you have already recognized from the description that no ready-made, run-of-the-mill graphic from a stock portal or an anonymous assembly line designer is suitable for such a logo. A really good logo that adequately represents your company needs professional design, individual esprit and originality as well as attention to detail. It should be well thought out, but not too complex - the ideal logo design can be drawn with your big toe in the sand ... or better yet, with the mouse pointer in the drawing field. Try it yourself and send us your logo idea, we will combine professionalism and attention to detail with your originality.

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Logo design examples

Logos are always well thought out, not made up.

"Well thought out" can mean so many things and there is no one right way to get to the one right logo. Many large companies are constantly optimizing their logo design - usually just a small detail in order not to lose the brand character. Very good logos are timeless, i.e. not designed based on a trend. In this way, they can remain unchanged for decades and achieve the desired effect.

There is also no blanket secret recipe for "the right logo", this includes a good conception, a lot of background knowledge about the company and the right "tone". Because a logo always appeals to the viewer - whether positively or negatively, that can be influenced with a little know-how. Take a look at some examples of effective and timeless logos from our portfolio below, let yourself be inspired or ask for individual advice.

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Corporate design colors and fonts

We protect you from having your "favourite color" disfigure your company.

As with all corporate design elements, there is no patent for this - the entire corporate design must be designed in a coherent manner and stringently implemented in order to have the right effect. Colors and font(s) lay the foundation for the design of a company and are therefore determined first - even the logo is designed afterwards.

Colors and fonts can of course be defined to your liking. However, it is more important that your target group likes your corporate design. It is best to leave it to us as professionals to define the character of the typeface and the color effect based on your values, wishes and goals. It would be a shame if the "wrong" color spoiled the effect of a beautiful, high-quality logo. And that's only because it's your favorite color and no one dares to tell you honestly that the color is great for your car but not suitable for representing your company. And even a cousin, aunt or acquaintance who studied art history for 3 semesters is not qualified to create a promising corporate design that is suitable for your target group.

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    The makeover for your company

    As a design agency in the Miami area, we are of course happy to help shape your company - in the form of corporate and logo design. Both are of great importance for your branding: Your company is not only reflected by it, but also associated with it from now on. Marketing in any form is influenced by the corporate and logo design. That's why our design agency develops exactly the look you want for your company.

    Miami Advertising Agency | Have a logo design developed

    Design in a nutshell

    A logo design ensures professionalism and recognition value. It binds your customers and sets you apart from your competition. As a design agency, we make every effort to let the essence of your company flow into your logo design so that you stand out and convince at first glance.

    Advertising Agency Miami | Have your corporate design created

    The creative basis of your company

    The logo design can also go hand in hand with the development of a corporate design - maybe it should. Because both go hand in hand and for every company that wants to radiate competence and professionalism, the design standardization of your appearance is essential. Personality should be incorporated into it, but also your professional qualities. That's why our design agency always focuses on who you are - and develops the corporate design around it.

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