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Are you wondering why you should plan and invest in image campaigns or general advertising campaigns? After all, you already have a well thought-out corporate design to support your branding and various print products, such as business cards and flyers. Isn't that enough as a marketing measure and new customer acquisition?

In fact, many companies can do without planning advertising campaigns up to a point. However, a lot has changed in recent years: the world has become faster, more networked and more digital. The customer has also adapted to the development of the media, both with his purchasing behavior and with his demands and interests. In order to increase your turnover, to assert yourself against the competition both virtually and in on-site sales, you sometimes need an advertising campaign that gives you new attention and income. Be louder, more visible and more positive than your competitor and earn yourself a permanent place in the minds of your target group!

In order to be able to plan your advertising campaign, we first determine an advertising objective tailored to your company. Would you like to convince new employees or customers? Improve your image? Or strategically place a new product?

Depending on the objectives and budget specifications, our advertising agency then determines the advertising strategy, advertising message and the media or channels. Even a well thought-out and innovative direct mailing can have an impact on your customers, make them pick up the phone or lead them to your store. Large-scale image campaigns, on the other hand, often have a multimedia structure. From radio spots and information stands to poster campaigns and landing pages. Direct sales or increasing sales are not always the focus. Often it just needs to be reminded that you are "there", that you are changing and that you have something new to offer the target group.

As an advertising agency, we place high quality demands on our image campaigns and advertising campaigns: We generate success in advertising through relevance, trust, attention and retention. We develop the right campaign - budget-oriented and target-oriented. Let's talk over coffee about whether we're the right agency for you.

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The steps of an image campaign

In order for customers to get caught, you first have to be crazy.

Before the web is spun, there are first ideas. An advertising campaign or marketing campaign must be well thought out and long-term in order to be successful. And she uses all channels - digital and analogue, telephone and personal conversation. But one thing is much more important than that, the marketing campaign must be measurable. What is the best way to do this? What are the individual steps for the success of an advertising campaign?

First, the goals and parameters are set. Is it about an image campaign, brand building or direct sales? Once that is established, you should find the channels that are relevant to you and create content that really interests the user. You have to have an awesome product or service, otherwise all the magic won't work. Once that has been clarified, the content created, the landing pages developed and the ads created, it's time to get started - the campaign begins. It should be regularly checked and fine-tuned while it is running, and initial goals should also be achieved. After a previously defined period of time, a check is made: did it work? If so, great, repeat. If not, why is it and do it better next time.

When we plan an advertising campaign, there are so many actors, no one can predict what will happen. That's why it's all the more important to imagine scenarios that could happen beforehand, so that you can then take countermeasures.

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Planning an advertising campaign: Good to know

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    Advertising campaign: Give your appearance a boost

    Image campaigns can be large or small, diversified or targeted. Anyone planning an advertising campaign has a world of possibilities open to them. Most of the time, an image campaign aims to increase awareness or improve the company's appearance. Such a promotion aims to correct, refresh or enhance the perception of your establishment. And in any case, marketing expertise and creativity are required - you will find both at Sgrul.

    Planning an advertising campaign | Create marketing campaign

    Vfrom campaign design to a sense of achievement

    If you are planning an advertising campaign, we will be at your side with advice, action and know-how. In consultation with each other, we develop objectives, strategies and visions for image campaigns etc. and then achieve them together, using multi- and cross-media channels, in contrast to your competition and always on course to success.

    Image campaign | Marketing Miami

    Measurable marketing success with Sgrul

    The crux of every image campaign – or at least of your success – is measurability. In order to find out whether the creation of the marketing campaign was worthwhile and whether it is worth taking similar steps again in the future, you must be able to see how much the image campaign has brought you. However, it is particularly essential to keep an eye on the numbers while the image campaign is running – and to react accordingly.

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